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What is Intuitive Numerology?

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Numerology is a science of numbers and each number resonates at its own vibrational frequency. By meditating on your numbers, I invoke a higher- self (Intuition) to connect to the vibrational frequency triggered by your specific numbers (month/date/year) of birth. It is this combination of science and intuition allows me to define a clearer path towards and reveal life altering events in your life, likely challenges and a plethora of opportunities which are not a coincidence, however may completely alter the direction of your life path.

Numerology like one of the many occult or esoteric sciences, indicates that a person's date of birth is not by chance or a coincidence and therefore can be used to analyze an individual’s traits, motivations, talents & desires. Today, quantum physics understands that at the smallest level of investigation, particles are in fact bundles of energy or electromagnetic waves, waves (vibrations) that are defined by the numerical values of their frequencies. In other words, everything at source is vibration and number.

Modern numerology has its roots in the ancient relationships between letters, numbers and the vibrational nature of our world. At the soul level, we will select a name and birth date that carry the energetic frequencies best suited to attracting experiences from which we will acquire the wisdoms sought in this life’s journey.

Numerology is the code breaker that reveals the information hidden in the name and birth date. With this knowledge, the individual may be reacquainted with aspects of his or her higher divine nature and thus bring a sense of perspective to the joys and sorrows of this world. Allow me to decode your destiny and try the Numerology report by clicking on the link below; or call me at 571-331-6717.

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Aarti Jyotish - Licensed Numerologist & Astrologist

Aarti Jyotish has a master's degree  in Political Science from Delhi University. She was a professional corporate executive in the the financial industry that has applied her readings to herself and loved ones for over 20 years. Inspired by her father, who himself, started pursuing Numerology and Astrology as one of his interests in the early 1990's, Aarti Jyotish began to understand how numbers and planets impact our lives.

She then started utilizing this knowledge of numerology and astrology, along with the power of intuition to assist her family, friends and co-workers who were going through difficult situations in various facets of their lives. Recieving glowing positive feedback from clients that her predictions were very accurate and provided them with a clear sense of direction, Aarti Jyotish deep desire to help others was sparked.

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Aarti Jyotish combines traditional numerology and astrology with a sixth sense intuition to predict your current state of affairs and the future related to specific individual concerns in any area of your life. Mystic Numerology helps instill a sense of optimism, clarity, self-esteem and confidence in you by making you aware of your individual uniqueness in relation to your birth numbers and planetary configuration.

How can we help with your most pressing concern?

In addition to individual Astro Counseling, Mystic Numerology offers many services to give guidance:

Career & Business Analysis

Chart your course of action in your career or business and determine the best time to make a career shift, start a venture, and what path is most suited to you.

Relationship & Guna Match Report

The guna match Report or the Astakut guna match will help you find out the level of compatibility between you and your partner.

Numerology Report

Numerology report gives you a sense of direction of what you could or should anticipate in various aspects of your life in the future.

Yearly Reading & Varsh Phal Report

Varsh phal gives you a monthly breakup of what your planets are projecting, how they are aspecting various facets of your life and, that in turn helps you make well informed decisions to augur greater success in life.

Baby Birth Chart & Horoscope

This is a vivid snapshot of the configuration of planets at the time your child was born.

Vedic Chart & Horoscope

Vedic chart is based on the movement of the planets and their position with reference to the time of birth of an individual, which in turn indicates how it will impact that individuals life both on a short term and long term basis.


Real Client Feedback

5 Star Horoscope Reviews

For 5 years, I had been going through a very chaotic and stressful phase with my finances. Aarti's predictions were very accurate and the remedies suggested have alleviated my financial problems and I'm not engulfed by that stress any more. God bless you! - Jassi

Aarti's reading was very enlightening and on the spot. She forewarned me about a health condition which may require surgery and should be addressed urgently. She was right, I had to undergo that surgery and I'm back to normal. Thank you once again! - Tina

Aarti's predictions regarding my relationship with my future soulmate were extremely accurate. Our relationship and vision of the future are evolving together and we are looking forward to getting married in the near future! - Zeenat

The predictions and guidance offered by Aarti regarding my and my husband's health based on our numbers and planetary configuration were on the mark. God Bless! I would highly recommend you to others. - Perveen

Your predictions and guidance regarding issues related to my business were very accurate and now my business is flourishing again. Thanks for relieving my stress on this front. I will recommend you to my family and friends. Thanks! - M. Asmat

You nailed the timeline when you told me I would start consulting with a company full-time in November that would spring board my own business future success. Despite getting different offers, the November offer was the one! - HS