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Weekly Horoscopes for January 29th – February 4th 2018


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Weekly Horoscope for the 12 zodiac Signs starting 01/29/18 to 02/04/18
ARIES:   You are gradually moving out of a trying period in your life especially after this lunar eclipse on the 31st of Jan 2018.  It is a good time to review your investments.  Students should avoid being laid back.  Singles  should be cautious in their speech.  Couples should avoid confrontation.  If possible try to spend some time on a beach or near a water body as it will help you feel energetic.
Lucky Dates: 30th, 1st, 4th
TAURUS:  Your investments will bring in higher dividends.  Be cautious in your dealings with your co-workers.  Read important contracts carefully before signing  them.  Children will give you a reason to feel happy.  Singles may meet their soulmates at a social event.  Couples should take a short vacation to spend some quality time together.  Avoid over exertion.
Lucky Dates: 29th, 31st, 2nd
GEMINI:  Focus on your business and career growth prospects.  It is a good time to expand your network.  Students will need to pay attention to details.  Singles may need to be more diligent in their choices.  Couples will be more receptive to each other.  If possible, spend more time in nature.  Also try to maintain emotional equilibrium.
Lucky Dates: 29th, 30th, 4th
CANCER:  You will experience a gradual rise in income.  People will perceive you as an empathetic friend.  Your superiors will recognize you for your hard work.  Students will need  a more structured approach on the academic front.  Singles should review their moves. Couples will enjoy a cordial relationship.
Lucky Dates: 29th, 3rd, 4th
LEO:  You will be recognized for your talents on the professional front.  It is good time to review your business plans.  Children will need extra coaching on the academic front.  Singles should tread carefully on the romantic front.  Couples should iron out their differences through a mutual dialogue.  Avoid spicy food.
Lucky Dates: 31st, 1st, 4th
VIRGO:  Your work will receive accolades from your superiors on the professional front.  This is a good time to socialize.  Students may need extra attention on the emotional front.  Singles should tread with caution before moving forward with a relationship.  Couples should plan a short getaway.  Avoid greasy food.
Lucky Dates: 29th, 3rd, 4th
LIBRA:  Long term investments will need to be reviewed.  You will receive recognition from your superiors.  Your children will make you proud.  Singles will meet their future soulmate at their place of work.  Couples should be accepting of each others view point. Your health will be okay.
Lucky Dates: 30th, 2nd, 3rd
SCORPIO:  You may see good growth on your professional/business front.  Evaluate  your business plans as, that would could lead better growth prospects.  Singles should be ready to mingle.  Students should will do well on the academic front.  Couples need to evaluate their relationship.  Take care of your back.
Lucky Dates: 30th, 1st, 3rd
SAGGITARIUS:  Avoid conflicts at work.  Investments made in the past will earn good dividends Children will be a source of pride. Singles may experience mood swings.  Couples should step up to each other.  You may be greatly admired within your social network.
You may experience pain in the  lower back.
Lucky Date: 3rd, 1st, 4th
CAPRICORN:  You will see great progress on the professional front. It is a good time to expand your business.  Students should avoid distractions.  Singles should be watchful of their attitude.  Couples will develop a harmonious relationship.  An exercise regimen will help you feel energized.
Lucky Dates: 30th, 3rd, 4th
AQUARIUS:  Your career will get a sudden boost.  This is good time to evaluate your goals.  You children may need some emotional support at this time.  Singles may meet their marriage partner at a social event.  Couples may be busy  socializing.  Business may require extra attention.  You may experience leg pain.
Lucky Dates: 30th, 3rd, 4th
PISCES:  You will receive recognition at work for a job well done.  It is a good time to segregate your investments.  Those in business should read the fine print carefully before signing any contract. Children will  be source of pride.  Singles should work with an open mind.  Couples should reconnect with each other at emotional level. Lucky Dates:-30th, 2nd, 3rd.